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O Jardim de Lótus Quinta do Rajo Karam Kriya
Har Kundalini Yoga Ki Macrobiótico Cosmic Gong
Katrina Knee Sita & Rama Hari Rai Singh
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festival de YOGA information
9th Summer Solstice
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  Till 3/June After 3/June
  Adults Children Adults Children
Weekend €85,00 €25,00 €95,00 €30,00
Saturday €50,00 €17,50 €60,00 €20,00
Sunday €45,00 €12,50 €55,00 €15,00

These prices do not include the participant travelling and lodging expenses.
The Yoga Festival can only accept a limited number of participants. Register as soon as possible.
In case of desistance, we can only return the register costs, for those who communicate it until the 7th of June of 2013.

Discount Policy
5% discount for:
- Families with 3 or more elements (adults and children). The discount will be applied to the total amount.
10% discount for:
- Groups of 5 or more people (adults and/or children) that inform us that are together and want to enjoy such discount.

To register in the Yoga Festival, you must:
- Make the payment of at least 50% of the value:
      * In person in O Jardim de Lótus,
      * By bank transfer to IBAN PT50 0036 0149 9910 0014 8722 9 (BIC/SWIFT: MPIOPTPL) – Montepio Geral, Cristina R. M. Viana.
- Send an email to with the complete name, age (for children), email address and mobile phone number of all the people that you register and specify when a discount is applicable,
- Attach, to this email, the prove of bank transfer of the value for all the people that you register, according to the date (see the price table)
To enjoy the special prices, all the value of the register costs must be paid off by the limit date.

The meals are vegetarian macrobiotic and are included in the register costs.
If part of the family or friends just wish to join us for the meals it is possible. Please contact us for more information about it.

Lodging expenses are not included in the register costs.

All kind of practitioner of any discipline is welcome.
Everybody, of every age and physical condition, can participate in the workshops. All levels of practitioners are welcome.

- Yoga mat (if you have it) or anything that replace it, one waterproof protection to put under the mat (in case the soil is humid, mostly for Sadhana), one blanket for the relaxation and meditations.
- Comfortable clothes and in several layers, allowing wide movements and shelter from the range of temperature that occur during the day.
- A bottle of water.
- Soup-plate and dinner-plate.
- Cup or glass and cutlery.
- Kitchen-cloth (optional).
- A smile, happy frame of mind and will to participate.

Once again the Yoga Festival has a space exclusively dedicated to the young ones!
Thinking in the parents, uncle and aunts, older brother and sisters and all the people that could not come to the Festival because they had children to taking care, there are activities suited for children while the workshops of the Festival take place. These activities for children are meant not only to entertain them while the adults participate in the Festival, but also as one opportunity to show them different experiences. Apart from the games, walks on the beach, fables and fairy tales, there are plannings for yoga classes and relaxation suited for children.

The activities are organized for children from 2 to 12 years of age and limited to 15 children per activity.

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